I have joined the wrong subleague

Log onto the website and click the My Subleague link. Here you can remove your profile from the wrong subleague and add it to the correct one.

Can I join more than one subleague?

Yes, you may join an unlimited amount of subleagues. Log onto the site and Click on the link 'My Subleague'. There you can add and remove subleagues.

What is the max amount of users in a subleague?


I can't log in

Did you fill in your password correct? Were you able to login before, then it may help to remove cookies and/or temporary internet files.

If you forgot your password you may acquire a new one here.

How do i change my prediction?

Logon to the website and click on the link 'My Prediction' that appears. On the left of the screen you will find all the Grand Prix. Click on one of them and change your prediction.

When will the rankingsbe updated?

The rankings will be updated within 24 hours of the race.

I believe my score is not right

Please recount it. Let someone else count it before you mail us.

I did not receive a confirmation email!

During registration, did you fill in the right e-mail address? No typo's? To check this logon to the site and click on the link 'My Profile'. Here you can check your e-mail address.

Did you register with an Hotmail or Live account? Is it still active?

Another option may be that your firewall kicked out the confirmation e-mail. Please check if it may arrived in your 'junk mail'.

What is the latest I can fill in my prediction?

Predictions can be saved until 2 hours before a race is held.

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